Vanity .. Ibrahimovic in the first statement after his infection with Corona


As usual, the Swedish star Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the Italian Milan striker, did not give up his controversial statements, with a “narcissistic” character, even when he announced Thursday that he was infected with the emerging Corona virus.

In his first response to the positive of his medical tests, Ibrahimovic said on his Twitter page: “The test for HIV infection was positive today, there are no symptoms, Covid 19 was brave enough to enter the challenge with me, a bad idea.”

Ibrahimovic had previously tweeted with his usual strangeness, saying: “If the virus does not come to me, I will go to it,” challenging Corona at the beginning of the global epidemic.Al-Suwaidi’s tweet was highly popular and widely mocked on social networking sites, and the comments were mostly sarcastic about his challenge to Corona, and the Zlatan hashtag, the most popular one on Twitter, was also issued.

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