US elections 2020: Donald Trump and Joe Biden clash over a possible coronavirus vaccine


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Trump held a press conference at the White House.

US President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden exchanged offensive comments due to their respective stances on the Corona virus vaccine.

Trump again indicated that a vaccine might be available before the presidential election on November 3, and accused his Democratic rival of adopting “reckless anti-vaccine rhetoric.”

Biden expressed skepticism that Trump is hearing the words of scientists and applying a transparent approach to the vaccine.

The United States currently has six million cases of COVID-19, the highest in the world.

The virus also caused the death of about 190,000 people, and led to a major recession in the economy, high unemployment, and a loss of consumer confidence.

And it emerged last week that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States urged all states to consider “easing conditions” so that the vaccine could be distributed on November 1, that is, two days before the election polls.

No vaccine has yet to complete the required trials, raising scientists’ fears that policy, rather than safety, will lead to a rush to produce a vaccine.

Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris both questioned Trump’s credibility on the issue. On Sunday, Kamala said she did not trust Trump’s words if he said the vaccine was safe. Biden asked whether the general public would trust the president’s words or not.

On Monday, Biden said at Labor Day celebration in Pennsylvania: “He (Trump) said many things that are not sincere, and I’m worried that if we come up with a vaccine, people might hesitate to take it.”

But he added, “If it is possible to get a vaccine tomorrow, I will do that, even if it costs me losing the elections, I will do that. We want a vaccine, and we want it now. We must hear the instructions of the scientists.”

Trump, lagging in opinion polls, hit back at a news conference at the White House, calling Biden an “idiot.”

He said that Biden and Kamala “will destroy this country and destroy the economy,” adding that they “will immediately apologize for their reckless anti-vaccine rhetoric, this rhetoric that they are using now.”

Trump, who had been asking reporters to remove their masks when asking questions, indicated that a vaccine might be ready next month. “We’ll have a vaccine very soon, maybe even before the big day,” he said.

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Joe Biden was speaking in Pennsylvania.

Trump wants to have 300 million doses of the Coronavirus vaccine by January, and he has spent hundreds of billions of dollars hoping this will accelerate the development of the vaccine, which normally takes years.

The chief US infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said it was not likely, but “not impossible” for a vaccine to be approved in October.

Stephen Hahn, who works for the Food and Drug Administration, said it may be “appropriate” to approve a vaccine before laboratory trials are completed if the benefits outweigh the risks.

But those two scientists, the White House, and the directors of five major pharmaceutical companies all made clear that there would be no compromise regarding the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine.

There are currently three vaccines under testing in the final stages, and trials of each of them are conducted on 30,000 volunteers who give doses of the vaccine over a period of three weeks, and then they are subject to observation to monitor the appearance of any symptoms of the Corona virus on them, or any other side effects after a period of one week and up to two years, according to What was reported by The Associated Press.


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