Updated … European stocks finally fall after economic data


direct: The decline was dominated by European stock indices at the close of trading on Tuesday, after economic data and the strength of the euro.

Most of the European sectors declined at the end of the session, while technology stocks rose after a report that Apple plans to produce 75 million iPhones including 5G before launching later this year.

European stocks were supported in early trading by Chinese data, which revealed that industrial activity in the second largest economy around the world rose at the fastest rate since 2011.

While slipped Industrial activity in the Eurozone Marginally over the past month, reaching 51.7 points.

In other data, the unemployment rate in the euro zone rose to a level of 7.9 percent in July, and the consumer price index contracted there for the first time in 4 years.

At the close, the STOXX 600 index fell 0.3 percent to 365.2 points.

While the British “FTSE” index fell by 1.7 percent to 5902 points, and the French “CAC” index fell by 0.2 percent at 4938.1 points.

While the German “DAX” rose 0.2 percent to 12974.2 points.

By 4:30 pm GMT, the euro rose against the dollar by about 0.06 percent to $ 1.1943 after hitting the $ 1.20 level for the first time in two years during trading.


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