Uber plans to make all of its cars electric with a promise to help drivers


Uber said on Tuesday that every vehicle on its global ride-sharing platform will be electric by 2040, and has pledged to contribute $ 800 million until 2025 to help drivers switch to battery-powered cars, including discounts on vehicles purchased or rented from partners. Of the car manufacturers.

Uber – which said in early February it has 5 million drivers worldwide – added that it had partnered with General Motors, the Renault Alliance, Nissan and Mitsubishi.

In addition to car discounts, Uber said: $ 800 million includes discounts on shipping and additional fare fees for electric and hybrid cars, the cost of which will be partially offset by an additional small fee charged to customers who request a “green ride”, meaning an environmentally friendly one.

Uber said vehicles on its ride-hailing platform in the United States, Canada and Europe will be emissions-free by 2030, taking advantage of advanced regulatory support and infrastructure in those regions.

Deals with General Motors and the Renault Alliance focus on the United States, Canada and Europe. Uber said it is discussing partnerships with other auto makers.

Uber’s plan comes after years of criticism by environmental groups and city officials over pollution and congestion caused by passenger vehicles and calls to convert fleets of vehicles to electric.

Lyft, Uber’s smaller competitor in the United States, promised last June to switch to 100 percent electric cars by 2030, but said it would not provide direct financial support to drivers.

Uber said its goal is to reduce the total cost of ownership of electric vehicles, which are currently more expensive than gasoline cars. The company also released data on its emissions footprint, and said it will publish reports in the future.

The company said its flights in the US and Canada, with a passenger in the vehicle, produced 41 percent more carbon dioxide per mile than regular private cars.

Source: Arab portal


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