TV5 Mond Plus: “Netflix” in la Francophonie


The global Francophone TV5 Monde network launched, on Wednesday, its free global video-on-demand platform, which is a French response to giant American platforms such as Netflix.

TV5 Mond Plus, the fruit of a two-year work, intends to provide about five thousand hours a year of Francophone programs, with printed translations in four languages, namely English, Spanish, Arabic and German, in addition to a fifth language, French, for those who want to improve their mastery of this language. As reported by “Agence France-Presse.”And distinguishes “TV5 Mond Plus” from other video on demand platforms, that it will be free, provided that the registration is optional, and it can display ads. Printed translations are available for about 80 percent of these programs, as the health crisis has delayed other translations.

“We do not present ourselves as a competitor to the American platforms, we do not claim that, nor do we have the capabilities for that, but rather we seek to provide an alternative in French,” said TV5 Monde General Manager. He added, “It is about the global Francophone sovereignty, and of the French in the digital world as well as in the world of television.”

The broadcast hours that have become available, totaling three thousand, include a group of programs previously shown by TV5 Monde’s “partner” stations, including “France TV”, “Radio France”, “Radio Canada” and “Tele Quebec” And TV5 Quebec Canada and others.

Pigou pointed out that the global francophone digital platform project that French President Emmanuel Macron had talked about during the Francophone summit in Yerevan, Armenia, in October 2018, was completed with the impetus of Canada, which “tested the strength and influence of Netflix on its soil before Europe.” He explained that the Canadian government subsequently invested “14 million Canadian dollars over five years” in the platform.

While Pigou did not disclose the total cost of the platform, he said that it is partly funded by TV5 Monde’s annual budget of 108 million euros.


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