“Treachery” Messi is exposed to treachery in his own home




Usually football fans call Lionel Messi almost countless descriptions when he pleased them with his goals and cheered them with his artistic moves in the matches of his team, Barcelona or his country, Argentina.

Among the most famous of these descriptions and the nicknames that fans sing about Messi are “the magician”, “the flea” and “treacherous”, and others.

But after the crisis Messi experienced with Barcelona during the past few days, following his request to leave the team in which he grew up, the Argentine star, who has always betrayed his rivals with his techniques and techniques, confirmed that he was betrayed in the corridors of “Barca”.

The 33-year-old said, during his interview with the global Goal website, on Friday, that Barcelona club president Josep Bartomeu had betrayed him and did not fulfill his promise, after he refused to allow him to leave “Barca” during the current summer transfer period.

He added, “I told the president, and he assured me that at the end of the season I can always decide whether I wanted to leave, or whether I wanted to stay, but in the end he did not fulfill his promise.”

“I told the club, especially the president, that I wanted to leave. I told him this throughout the year. I thought it was time to step down. I believed that the club needed more young people and new people, and I thought that the time I spent in Barcelona was over.”

And he continued: “This world of football is very difficult, and there are a lot of fake people. This helped me identify many false people who had another consideration for me. It hurt me when (the president of Barcelona) doubted my love for this club, it doesn’t matter if I am. I will leave or remain, my love for Barcelona will never change. ”

On Friday, Messi announced, during his interview with Goal, that he had withdrawn the idea of ​​leaving Barcelona, ​​due to the intransigence of the Catalan team’s management, which demanded that he pay the penalty clause in his contract of 700 million euros in order to allow him to leave, in addition to his family’s refusal. The idea of ​​leaving Barcelona.

Source: RT + agencies


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