Tonight … the moon, Jupiter and Saturn draw a triangle that adorns the sky of the Arab world – Egypt Arab News


The sky of the Arab world witnesses after sunset, today, Friday, and with the entry of the night, the regularity of the humpback moon in a celestial triangle with the planets of Jupiter and Saturn in an exceptional view that can be easily seen with the naked eye .

Dr. Ashraf Tadros, a professor at the National Institute for Astronomical and Geophysical Research and former head of the astronomy department, indicated – in a statement today – that it will be possible to see the conjunction of the moon with both Jupiter and Saturn in Egypt, and this conjunction will be seen towards the south when entering the night and until midnight only .

On his part .. Engineer Majed Abu Zahra, director of the Astronomical Society in Jeddah, said in a statement issued today that the moon this evening will appear to be closer to Saturn, the second largest planet after Jupiter, with a diameter 9 times larger than the diameter of the Earth, and like Jupiter, Saturn is made of gas Mainly from hydrogen and helium, it is the sixth planet in terms of distance from the sun and is the farthest planet in our solar system that can be easily seen with the naked eye as a golden point .

He added that Saturn is known as the jewel of the solar system and the Lord of the Rings, because of its wonderful system of rings that can be seen through only telescopes, as the main ring covers almost the distance between the Earth and the Moon and is only one kilometer thick, and unlike the rocky planets Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars, Saturn and Jupiter do not They have hard surfaces that they can stand on .

And he explained that by observing the position of the moon at the same time every day, he will notice that its movement is towards the east in relation to the stars and planets in the zodiac circle – every hour the moon crosses about half a degree towards the east, and every day the moon cuts 13 degrees in front of the constellations in the zodiac..

He added that, therefore, on the next evening (Saturday 26 September), he will notice that the moon has moved away from Saturn, heading towards the east, which is its natural movement in an orbit around the Earth..


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