Today’s Technology – A new study claims that life on Earth began after a huge “meteor” strike


Al-Youm News Technology Today – A new study claims that life on Earth began after a huge “meteor” strike. Source of the news – Al-Arab Today, with details of the news, a new study claims that life on Earth began after a huge “meteor” strike:

Today’s news – Washington – Al-Arab today
A new study revealed that life on Earth began to dig after a massive meteorite strike, as an ancient impact is believed to have wiped out the dinosaurs, but scientists now believe that a previous collision could have created life in the first place. The theory has existed that meteorites could carry the components. Necessary to life, for some time, however, a new study indicates that impact craters have ideal conditions for the emergence of life, as researchers believe space agencies should use their findings to get a closer look at craters on Mars. , On his Twitter account: “We conclude this paper by recommending that impact craters should be considered prime sites in the search for evidence of past life on Mars Mars!”

“If you ask anyone to imagine what happens when chunks of rock the size of a kilometer hit the ground, that is usually devastating. It is an extinction event like the one that killed the dinosaurs. What we’re trying to do here is to turn this idea upside down,” Osinski said. And saying yes, the effect is devastating at first, but it provides the building blocks of life and creates new habitats for life. ”Meteor impacts initially create an inhospitable environment. However, when things settle down, there could be life-supporting deposits, nutrients, and newly created hydrothermal vents, and unfortunately, the evidence we need to try to prove the initiation of life on Earth may have been eroded from the craters. “We lost the vast majority of the ancient rock record on Earth. So, we will never know where or until when, to be honest, life arose on Earth.” This does not mean that the search for signs of life in Mars craters should be excluded, and the study was published in the journal Astrobiology.

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