Thursday .. Saber Al-Rubaei releases the clip of the song “The Second Man Newspaper”


Eman Mahmoud

Posted on: Monday 28 September 2020 – 3:23 PM | Last update: Monday, September 28, 2020 – 3:23 PM

Tunisian singer Saber Rubai is preparing to release his latest song, “Jarida Al Thani”, on all Rotana platforms, next Thursday.

The song is written by poet Nizar Qabbani, composed by musician Talal, and distributed by Michel Fadel, and the clip is directed by Walid Nassif.

Al-Rubai’i recently posted a clip of the clip on his official Instagram account, and commented: “Wait for the second man newspaper video clip soon.”

Al-Rubai’i continues preparations for his new album, in which he cooperates with a group of composers, poets and distributors, most notably Hisham Sadiq, Walid Al-Ghazali, composer Median, and distributors Karim Abdel-Wahab and Ahmed Abdel-Salam.


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