The “warm wedding” begins next month


The series includes a group of stars, including Abdel Moneim Amayri

Director Kinan Iskandrani will start filming the series “The Wedding of Al Hara” (Marawan Kawouk’s script and produced by “JH”) in mid-October. After weeks of preparation, the Syrian director’s camera is rotating soon to film the dramatic work expected to be shown in the month of Ramadan 2021. The project brings together the old Levantine and Lebanese environments, and deals with the period of 1900 and takes place in an old neighborhood between Lebanon and Damascus. It is noteworthy that the list of heroes of the series includes Syrian and Lebanese stars, headed by Abdel Moneim Amairi, Sabah Al-Jazaery, Talal Mardini, Youssef Haddad, Yazan Al-Sayed, Alaa Qassem, Jamal Al-Ali, Sahar Fawzi, Lilia Al-Atrash, Safaa Sultan, Ahmed Al-Zein, Asaad Rashdan, Joy Salama And others.


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