The virus has killed one million people … the 5 worst countries in the number of corona deaths


The number of new deaths from the Corona virus has exceeded one million cases around the world, and there are five countries that are the worst, and the numbers are increasing dramatically.

Public health experts believe that the actual number of unrecorded deaths is much higher than the current figure, according to a report published on the National Public Radio website.NPR“.

The five countries that include the United States, Brazil, India, Mexico, and Britain, where the number of deaths constitutes about 56 percent of the total number of deaths in the world due to Corona, and a total number of 556 thousand deaths out of more than a million cases.

Coronavirus deaths

The United States leads the number of deaths due to Corona, by more than 20 percent, as the numbers exceeded 204 thousand deaths, while the number of injuries continues to rise again due to the increase in the spread of infection in many states.

Brazil has the second largest number of deaths, especially since the priority response to the crisis was “chaotic”, as the number of deaths reached 141,000 cases out of 4.7 million injuries.

The numbers of injuries and deaths began to witness significant increases in India, after the government lifted the lockdown that it had imposed in the country, and the death rate still exceeds 1,100 deaths per day.

For the second week in a row, US states record a record high daily Corona injuries

For the second week in a row, US states record a record high daily Corona injuries

In Mexico and Britain, although the numbers slowed in certain periods, they still recorded large numbers, which made them come fourth and fifth in the number of deaths.

Corona virus, which first appeared in China last December, is still spreading significantly, with the numbers reaching more than 33 million infections, and the number of deaths exceeding one million.

The outlook appears bleak, with the number of infections rising again in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, which reinforces fears of the possibility of a second wave, while health restrictions imposed by governments, such as isolation measures, closing bars and restaurants, or banning gatherings, in many countries are met with increasing dissatisfaction with the population.


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