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Newspaper said “Washington Post“The American company United Airlines will become the first American airline to provide passengers with Corona tests, as part of a new strategy pursued by airlines in an effort to attract travelers.

Starting from next October 15, United customers, who are traveling between San Francisco and Hawaii, will have the option to take a Corona test before they board the plane, and a negative result will allow them to bypass the mandatory 14-day quarantine requirement for travelers heading to Hawaii.

The pilot program will be launched as United begins to increase its flights to Hawaii.

Toby Incvist, United’s chief customer officer, said the new Corona test program is another way to help customers meet the requirements of entering their destinations, in safety and comfort.

He added that the company is looking to rapidly expand customer testing to other destinations, and at US airports, later this year, while maintaining other measures such as cleaning, mask wearing, sterilization and other systems such as air filtration.

United agents will have the option to take a quick test at the airport, or a test whose results will be emailed, with results collected prior to departure.

The costs of the examination will be borne by travelers, as the express test, with results available in about 15 minutes, will cost $ 250 and the email test will cost $ 80.

Until the vaccine is widely available, aviation professionals believe that the initial testing of Corona could be a key to persuading countries to reopen their borders for travel and restore general air traffic again.

And earlier this week, the International Air Transport Association urged governments to work with airlines to implement coronavirus testing programs at airports.

Alexander de Juniac, Director General of the International Air Transport Association, said that the key to restoring freedom of movement across borders is the regular Corona test for all travelers before departure, and this will give governments the confidence to open their borders without risk, and it will retest all passengers for people the freedom to travel with confidence, and this will return millions of people the work.

In light of the existence of testing programs for Corona in several international airports, including Germany, Hong Kong, Japan and Italy, there is still no common standard for how to operate the programs.

De Juniac said airlines are facing challenges as they move to expand testing programs, including drafting agreements on standards, and ensuring universal acceptance of results.

He added that there should also be an available supply of rapid, accurate, affordable and easy-to-administer tests.

German Lufthansa, which announced earlier this month that it will offer the Corona virus test to its first and business class passengers, starting next month, indicated that the lack of medical and logistical supplies is the reason why the test is not offered to all passengers.

However, de Juniac based on studies that showed people were ready for the test, and would be more willing to travel if the test was widely available.

United Airlines has partnered with two healthcare providers to administer its testing program. Rapid testing will be performed by Go Health Urgent Care and Dignity Health, while the test will be mailed to Kaler.


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