The “scandal of complementary salaries” tops Twitter … and tweeters: wearing tops of honor and they are hired


Hashtag issueComplementary salaries scandalThe list of the most popular on Twitter, after the disclosure of the salary account of some Brotherhood members working on the channel affiliated with the Brotherhood. They receive thousands of dollars a month in addition to obtaining Turkish citizenship for free, with the aim of inciting against the Egyptian state and its institutions.

Nour tweeted: “Differences between the Brotherhood’s media organizations come to us. Fadaih Muhammad Nasser gets paid 60,000 dollars a month, and their uniforms for Moataz Matrou Abdullah Al-Sharif are 120 thousand dollars a month because he manages electronic committees. This is all in the glory that the little workers and administrators are angry at them because they get crumbs.” .

Hashtag Complementary Trend Salary Scandal on Twitter (2)

Hashtag Complementary Trend Salary Scandal on Twitter (4)

Hashtag Complementary Trend Salary Scandal on Twitter (3)

As for Maryam, she wrote through the hashtag: “The Brotherhood’s media has fallen in part because of money. Children are in the East channels, and they take low salaries and are thrown in the slums of Istanbul, Moataz Matar, Muhammad Nasir, and Zawbaa who receive millions every month, other than the villa and the Arabic.” Hani wrote: “The contract of Hisham Abd Al-Hamid for 13,000 with a total of 13 episodes per season. Any eye who looks speaks about poverty and unemployment. “

Hashtag Complementary Trend Salary Scandal on Twitter (5)

Mirna believes: “They wear us the top of honor and virtue, and they are hired and do not defend a cause nor the defending citizen in their accounts at all.”

It is noteworthy that the “Al-Araby Al-Hadith” website revealed the salaries and passport pictures of Qatari intelligence agents, who manage the content of those channels and the political map of those channels daily, according to documents of the administrative and financial structures of the terrorist Brotherhood channels “Al-Sharq, Complementary, Watan, and the Middle East.” Brotherhood journalist Mohamed Nasser gets $ 60,000 a month in salary for his appearance on the channel, and Abdullah al-Sharif gets $ 120,000 for marketing work on social media.


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