The price of the dollar in Sudan today, Sunday, September 6, 2020



Al Ain News
Today, Sunday, the price of the dollar against the Sudanese pound continued to stabilize in the informal (black) parallel market, as it settled at the Central Bank of Sudan at 55 pounds for purchase and 55.27 pounds for sale, and this price was repeated on the screens of most banks and exchange companies operating in Sudan.

After fluctuations in prices during two weeks in which the green currency exchange rate in the Sudanese market ranged between 200 pounds to 207 pounds, today, Sunday, the exchange rate of the dollar in the parallel (black) market stabilized at 205 pounds for the third day in a row.

Sudanese experts called for the necessity to expedite the development of urgent measures to avoid an economic catastrophe that would devastate their country, in light of the continuing terrible decline in the value of the national currency, the “pound” against foreign exchange.

Foreign exchange dealers revealed to “Al Ain News” that the demand for hard currencies has increased dramatically, in exchange for a scarcity of supply, which led to record high prices.

And they expected a further decline in the value of the national currency, the pound against foreign exchange, if the situation continues in this manner.

The steady rise in the value of foreign currencies is remarkably dominant in the Sudanese street, and has taken up a wide range of discussions in clubs and public places, highlighting the concerns of the Sudanese about the collapse of the economic situation in their country further.

The price of the euro and sterling

The price of the European euro in the Central Bank of Sudan was 64.93 pounds for purchase, and 65.26 pounds for sale, against 235 pounds in the parallel market (black).

The price of the pound sterling came at the level of 73.21 pounds for purchase, and 73.58 pounds for sale with banks, while its price on the black market recorded 262 Sudanese pounds.

The price of the riyal, dirham and dinar

The Saudi riyal exchange rate at the Central Bank of Sudan was recorded at 14.66 pounds for purchase, and 14.73 pounds for sale, and on the black market it achieved 54.50 pounds.

Regarding the official price of the Emirati dirham, it was recorded at 14.97 pounds for purchase, and 15.05 pounds for sale, and in the parallel (black) market, its price came at 55.10 pounds.

Bank screens showed the price of the Kuwaiti dinar at 179.03 pounds for purchase and 179.93 pounds for sale, while its price on the black market came to 500 pounds.


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