The presence of Saudi Arabia and the UAE in Socotra and Al-Mahra is evidence of occupation


Shukri Hussain / Anadolu Agency

The leader of the Houthi group in Yemen, Abd al-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi, considered on Monday that the presence of Saudi Arabia and the UAE in the governorates of Socotra and al-Mahra (east) is evidence that they are two states of occupation.

This came in his speech on the occasion of what the Houthis call a “revolution” on September 21, 2014, referring to their control by force of arms over the capital, Sana’a (north), in a move that the legitimate authority considers a “coup.”

Al-Houthi said: “When the Saudis and the Emiratis, by an American decision, moved to control Socotra and Al-Mahra, in which there are no (fighting) fronts that justify their presence, the image of aggression became clear among some Yemenis as an aggression aimed at occupying Yemen,” according to the group’s Al-Masirah channel.

The aggression refers to the Arab coalition, led by its neighbor, Saudi Arabia, which, since March 25, 2015, has been carrying out military operations in Yemen, in support of government forces, in the face of the Houthis, who are backed by Iran.

Meanwhile, Yemenis accuse the UAE, a member of the coalition, of spending huge funds to train and arm parallel and anti-government forces to serve private Emirati interests, which Abu Dhabi usually denies.

Al-Houthi continued: “Those who used to present themselves as the bearers of the banner of Islam, Arabism and the backbone of Palestine, and the owners of the Arab embrace, have emerged today by their blatant public association with the Israelis and the Americans.”

On September 15, the American capital witnessed the signing of the UAE and Bahrain, which are allies of Saudi Arabia, two agreements to normalize their relations with Israel, ignoring widespread Arab popular anger that considers their step a betrayal of the Palestinian cause.

Al-Houthi said: “America is strengthening its bases in Hadramout (east of Yemen), Sharurah (southeast), and Aden (south), and it seeks to be within the framework of the coalition so that it does not bear the cost of the confrontation with the Yemeni people.”

He stressed that “all forms of dealing with the Israeli enemy are out of the ranks of the nation and joining the ranks of the enemies, and it is a strategic political mistake and a heavy loss in favor of an exploitative enemy who despises those who fall into his arms.”

And he considered that “everything that the Saudi and Emirati regime and the Khalifa family (the ruling family) are working on in Bahrain and the military in Sudan, and whoever revolves around them, is ultimately in the interest of America and Israel.

And he added, “It is funny that normalization is under the title of peace, as if the Al Khalifa were in offensive operations to storm Israeli camps and liberate Jerusalem.”

He continued: “Handing over land, decision, sovereignty and wealth is not called peace, but surrender. Handing over Palestine and Jerusalem and wasting the right of the Palestinian people is surrender, not peace.”

He said, “Washington wants the Saudi and Emirati regimes to bear the full cost of the aggression against Yemen, but all their work is for the service of the Americans.”

He continued, “If Saudi Arabia is the milch cow for the American regime, then the UAE is the milking goat.”

The ongoing war in Yemen has claimed the lives of 112,000 people, including 12,000 civilians, and pushed millions to the brink of starvation, as 80 percent of the population of about 30 million people depend on humanitarian aid to survive, according to the United Nations.
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