The new color iPad Air is similar to the iPad Pro .. We publish the specifications and price in pictures


Apple’s latest iPad Air is around a year and a half old, which means it’s old enough to be replaced by the company.

The company unveiled the iPad Air 2020 at its “Time Flies” event Tuesday, and as expected, there is a lot in common with the iPad Pro – at least at first glance.

Due to the way Apple has chopped and changed its model names, this is the fourth generation iPad Air, although it is only the second in its current form.

It currently exists as the middle son between the affordable iPad and the iPad Pro, with better interior features and a better screen than the base model, but this year the gap between the iPad Air and iPad Pro seems to have grown smaller than ever.

For example, the 2020 model uses a larger 10.9-inch screen, which extends roughly from edge to edge across the face of the iPad – meaning that only the base iPad and iPad mini retain the classic Apple tablet design.

This screen is one-touch smaller than the 11-inch iPad Pro; We think Apple has kept the same size with slightly larger bezels on the new Air.

The old-school Touch ID sensor has also been removed in favor of the new fingerprint sensor on the top button, so don’t worry Face ID is almost certainly not going anywhere.

iPad Air is the second iPad to use the second generation Apple Pencil, which is

A huge update to the original version, it snaps to the top of the Air magnetically to charge it, just like on the iPad Pro.

It contains a single-lens camera, but Apple says it is the same main camera in the iPad Pro, this is a 12-megapixel image with an f / 1.8 lens slot, the speakers have also been redesigned, and finally, stereo sound when viewed in landscape mode.

For the first time, Apple is making the iPad Air in five different colors, including rose gold, blue and green along with the traditional black and silver packages.

The price of the new iPad Air starts at $ 599 with 64GB of storage, or $ 729 with 64GB of storage and LTE, you can raise storage capacity up to 256GB on either model for an additional $ 150.

It will be available in October, but we don’t have a more specific date yet, it will come with iOS 14 installed, as the software is scheduled to arrive on Wednesday.


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