The moon meets Jupiter and Saturn tonight … and the phenomenon is repeated Friday and Saturday


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The moon meets Jupiter and Saturn tonight … and the phenomenon is repeated Friday and Saturday

The moon meets, tonight, with both Jupiter and Saturn, and then the three celestial bodies meet again tomorrow, Friday, and the day after tomorrow, Saturday. The phenomenon can be observed over the southern horizon from after sunset until before midnight. Jupiter can also be seen with the naked eye, and to the east of it, Saturn can be seen with the observation that Jupiter is brighter than Saturn.

Head of the Astronomy and Space Sciences Department at King Abdulaziz University, Dr. Hassan Muhammad Asiri, said: With the naked eye, these nights, Mars and Venus can be seen. He added: Mars rises above the eastern horizon after dinner, while Venus appears above the eastern horizon before dawn, while the two planets are absent with the first moments of sunrise. And Abizaid: When using a telescope, it is possible to monitor the four Galileo moons of Jupiter, the red spot, and the belts extending on its equator, while the distinctive rings of Saturn can be observed, and the polar peaks and the light and dark regions of Mars can be observed.

He continued: There will be an invisible coupling between the moon and Jupiter tomorrow morning, Friday after sunrise. The conjunction occurs between two celestial bodies close to each other when they are located on the same celestial longitude. Asiri said: The conjugation is an apparent event, while in reality the two bodies are separated by a large distance, and a conjunction occurs between the moon and Saturn, which can be observed tomorrow, Friday, shortly before midnight.


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