The Masked Singer in mbc’s quiver


Mbc channel is keen to buy the Arabic versions of various artistic and entertainment programs that are looking for singing and artistic talents in the world. After showing several seasons of “Arab Talents”, “The Voice” (with versions for adults, children and youth) and “Arab Idol”, the Saudi Network won the Arabic version of the American program, The Masked Singer. The TV show that revolves around singing talent, premiered late last year on Fox. It features celebrities singing songs that cover famous songs while wearing costumes from head to toe, and masks covering their faces. The art project includes a jury that gives its opinion on the identities of the celebrities to get to know each character involved in the work. Committee members and the public vote for their favorite singer, the least popular are phased out, and take off their mask to reveal their identity. On the same bank, although mbc had acquired the Arabic version of the famous program, he did not know when it would be presented on the screen. However, it is certain that the project will not be light soon due to the spread of the Coronavirus and the preventive obligations to prevent its spread. Therefore, the Saudi Network has stopped filming most of its programs that are based on the presence of the audience, and its projects are limited to some light works that do not require a large presence in the studio.


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