The Lebanese actress Razan Maghribi reveals the scenes of “Saber and Radi”


Cairo – Iraq today

The Lebanese artist resumes Razan MaghrabiFilming her role in “Saber and Radi”, during the next two weeks after a hiatus since the last Eid Al-Adha, where she returns with the entire staff, who presented the female championship in front of the star Ahmed Adam, and the work is shared with Mohsen Mohieddin, Yusra Al-Masoudi, produced by Ahmed Al-Sobky, directed by Akram Farid .

Razan Mughrabi said that she embodies the character of Jasmine, who works as a secretary for the artist Mohsen Mohiuddin, Who sits in a wheelchair, and deals with many problems and solves them with Radi, who is embodied by the artist Ahmed Adam during the work events.

She revealed the most difficult scenes that she was exposed to during the events, where she said that the scene of the destruction of a group of precious masterpiece “vases,” which cost millions of pounds, as that scene greatly exhausted her and was subjected to stress during filming, which caused her fatigue, as she described it as an enjoyable emptiness scene.

She talked about her relationship with the star Ahmed Adam, where she said that he is an unreasonable comedian and has a great future in cinema, as they have a close friendship and is considered as her brother, and she also enjoyed her experience with the producer Sobky and loved dealing with him as well as director Akram Farid who is keen to clarify every big and small During the location.

She indicated that her role was not previously presented and far from her true personality, as it moves away from the evil roles that she presented before in one of her works such as “Rasayel”, and the work events revolve in a comic framework that sends hope, positive energy, a philosophy of contentment and a better view of the future.

The movie “Saber and Radi” written by Muhammad Nabawi and directed by Akram Farid and starring Ahmed Adam, Razan Maghribi and Mohsen Mohi El-Din. Al-Madi and Al-Qarmouti on the Line of Fire in 2017.

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