The Israeli Navy prepares on the border with Lebanon: Let “Hezbollah” think twice before attacking us


Four months after the Israeli army raised a state of alert among its ranks in northern Israel, the Navy’s fleet of 914 remains ready to respond to any threat along the border with Lebanon, despite the relative calm on the ground in the region.

Newspaper quotedThe Jerusalem PostThe Israeli government quoted the squadron commander, Kfir Rafiah, as saying that “there is nothing quiet about commanding the fleet of operations, especially in the north.”

Rafiah took office last year, shortly before the Lebanese “Hezbollah” launched three anti-tank missiles at Israeli army positions along the border, and it seems that he fears a repeat of the same scenario this year.

Rafiah affirmed that “many maritime challenges have been faced this year, but the most important thing for us is to ensure that the forces remain on alert at all times, even when the atmosphere appears calm,” stressing that “Hezbollah is our main threat and we must always be prepared.” To go from zero to 100 “.

The military commander pointed out that “although the naval relations with the air force have always been strong, relations with the ground forces have increased in the past few years,” considering that “this cooperation is very necessary when dealing with the party, which is an enemy that can target targets.” On land and sea. ”

Israel is preparing for a possible attack by “Hezbollah”, after one of its members was killed in a raid in Syria last July.

According to Rafeeh, his fleet is ready and ready to respond to any incident at sea, recommending the Lebanese party to “think twice before attacking Israel.”

He warned that “if they want to move towards us, they will meet a very strong army, on the ground, in the air and at sea.”

The 914 fleet is tasked with guarding the borders between Israel and Lebanon and the country’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ), which brings 90 percent of Israel’s imports on Dvora patrol boats. As well as securing natural gas drilling rigs in the economic zone.

The Israeli army believes that Hezbollah possesses long-range missiles that can hit the drilling rigs, which provide a large amount of the electricity consumed in Israel.


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