The injury of the wife and son of the Egyptian actor with cancer


Egyptian actor Farid El-Noqrashi faces great difficulties after his son, some time ago, was diagnosed with cancer, and announced the news himself.

Today he was distressed again after his wife contracted the same disease, and he said: “Yesterday, we took the blessing of (Yusuf) Abani’s disease and today we take the same blessing to my beloved wife and my soulmate (Nada Shokry). Today we started radiation therapy.)

And he continued: (We thank you, God, and we will continue to thank you. Yes, we are happy because we are the object of your concern and your purpose, and that you have put on your heart to beautify our souls to be ready for your heavenly meeting)

Who is Farid Nokrashi?

An Egyptian actor, he studied acting and directing at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts, and also works as a professor at the same institute, and worked as an actor in theater, film and television.

His participation was limited to small secondary roles. He participated in (The Big Oi 4) and (A Man and Six Women 7).

He also participated in some religious films such as (The Silent Monk) and (A Guest from Al-Sama). He also has books on the art of the actor, such as the book (The Holy Body)


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