The import of 540 thousand tons of barley was awarded to 6 international companies


The General Grain Corporation has completed the procedures for awarding the import of 540 thousand tons of barley distributed to the “European Union, Australia, the Black Sea, South and North America (excluding Canada)”, which represents the sixth batch of the quantities of fodder barley contracted this year.
Eng. Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Al-Faris, Governor of the Corporation, said yesterday that 25 international companies specialized in the trade of grains were invited and qualified 16 companies submitted to compete for the supply of the quantities offered, and six international companies were awarded the lowest prices for each shipment, and the shipments were distributed to the ports of the bordering Kingdom On the Red Sea by seven shipments of 420 thousand tons, and the ports of the Kingdom overlooking the Arabian Gulf by two shipments of 120 thousand tons for supply during the period November-December 2020.
Al-Faris stated that awarding this batch comes within the framework of enhancing the strategic stock of imported barley, and that with this quantity, the Corporation has contracted since the beginning of this year about five million tons, and those interested can review the award prices and origins of the corporation’s tenders through its website.


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