The Great Sahara vows to strike Lebanon with a new wave of fire .. When does it start?


Father Eli Khneisser, a weather specialist, reported on his Facebook page that The Great Sahara threatens to strike Lebanon with a blazing wave, which is the fifth this summer and will last for 5 days, due to the drop in air pressure of the Sudanese depression over Egypt, Sudan and the west of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia..

He pointed out that the temperature is about 43, 44 spots, and 35 coasts, from today, Sunday, September 13, until the morning of next Friday.

The Meteorological Department of the Civil Aviation Administration expected that the weather on Sunday will be partly cloudy to sometimes cloudy, with an additional and slight decrease in temperatures, as it returns to their seasonal rates with the appearance of dense fog on the heights..

Monday: slight to partly cloudy, without temperature modification on the coast, and slight elevation in the interior and on the mountains, and fog forms on the heights.

Tuesday: Low clouds in general, with a significant increase in temperatures, especially in the mountainous and interior regions, where seasonal levels are higher. The winds sometimes grow, and we warn of the risk of fires in forested areas.


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