The Google event has started .. Here are the most prominent products the company will offer



Al Ain News
Google has taken a conservative approach to launch its devices and programs since the beginning of the spread of the Corona virus epidemic, and unlike Apple, which has held two virtual events and is expected to host a third event, Google canceled its annual developer conference last May, and used blog posts to reveal Android 11 and a phone Pix this summer.

And at 21:00 Mecca time, the Google event started by default to present the most prominent findings of the company in the world of technology and communication, And you can watch live broadcasts on this website.

And according to what technology websites have published, you will likely see Google at the event today, talking about updates to its assistant and new environmentally friendly initiatives, as for devices, the company has launched two new Pixel phones, a smart speaker and a new Chromecast device. .

When Google first launched the Pixel 4A phone in early August, the company said that two more phones were coming in October (Pixel 4A 5G and Pixel 5).

The new 4A is not expected to be completely different from its brother, and it will likely have a bigger screen, a bigger battery and a slightly better processor, and the company has priced it at $ 499, which is $ 150 more than the regular Pixel 4A.

(Pixel 5) is the natural complement to the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL phones that were launched in 2019, although this year the phone will be completely different.

Rumors indicate that the company will not use the best processor available, but instead stick to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 765G – the processor found in mid-priced phones like the LG Velvet and Motorola One 5G.

News leaks also indicate that there are no hand-waving gestures to trigger certain actions in the expected phone, and the phone may not include the facial recognition feature, as the company may only adhere to the rear fingerprint sensor.


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