The frequency of the Birds of Paradise channel 2020, displaying all children’s programs on the screen


The search engine revolves around this period around the Birds of Paradise channel, which changed its frequency recently and gave another opportunity for all viewers to watch its contents again with a higher quality than the first quality, as some people mentioned that the channel is owned by a Jordanian national, and this channel was launched for the first time from two Ten years, as it is one of the emerging channels for teaching children all the Islamic teachings, and the price behind opening children’s perceptions to the outside world.

Birds of Paradise channel

All children at this stage can watch the channel, and watch all the programs on the screen daily, I have always liked this channel because it offers religious programs and popular Islamic chants every day, and this is the channel that children always love, so parents look for it for their young.

Features of the Birds of Paradise channel

  • One of the first searched and watched channels because young viewers come to us every day to enjoy all the songs on offer.
  • Fills the little ones with enthusiasm and follows them with interest.
  • When presented, she tries to make suggestions to children through songs, teaching them different values.

What birds of paradise channel offers for children

The channel can also prepare children psychologically, which is something that parents are particularly interested in today, so the reason for the channel’s success in this direction comes, as the preparation is done through the good content it provides, so parents are very interested in the channel, and it is

It shows content for children under 12 years old.

The channel offers all the advantages of continuous transmission and control through the clarity of sounds and images and the use of all new content for the continuous development of the channel, so that viewers can modify the channel through different satellites for each country, using the remote control.

The frequency of the Birds of Paradise channel

  • The new frequency of the Birds of Paradise channel is:
  • Channel frequency: 11310.
  • Polarization: vertical.
  • Coding factor: 27500.
  • Error correction factor: 3/4


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