The Football Association updates the electronic educational platform for stadium judges


Sharjah 24 – Mahmoud Ali:
The Referees Department of the Emirates Football Association held a technical meeting to discuss updating arbitration cases on the electronic educational platform for football referees and evaluators of the electronic system for managing football affairs, in coordination with the Smart Services Department of the Federation.

The meeting discussed more than 400 arbitration cases from the last football season, related to errors, cases of penalty area, infiltration and other cases, which will be submitted to the electronic platform for distance learning, in addition to a group of arbitration cases supported by an audio explanation for each case separately, by a member of the working team Administration.

Ali Al-Tarifi, Director of the Referees Department, confirmed that updating the electronic system for educating referees and residents remotely comes within the referees committee’s plan for the process of developing the arbitration system, indicating that the electronic system has been used for several years with the aim of communication and continuous education, by reviewing arbitration cases with stadium judges before During and after season.


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