The first women’s football league will be launched in Saudi Arabia next month


The Saudi Sports for All Federation started its final preparations for launching the first community-based football league for women in the Kingdom.According to Sky News, the authorities responsible for the women’s league have begun to put the final touches and arrangements in preparation for the launch of the league, which is scheduled to be launched next October, under the supervision of the Saudi Sports for All Federation, which is supervised by the Ministry of Sports in cooperation with the administration Women in the Saudi Football Federation.

Last February, the Saudi Sports for All Federation launched the Women’s Football League at the community level in Riyadh, at a ceremony attended by the President of the Federation Prince Khalid bin Al-Walid, and a large number of sports professionals, sports teams, and prominent figures in the world of sports from within Kingdom and beyond.

The Women’s League aims to enhance the practice of sporting activities by providing the opportunity and supporting female athletes and coaches to upgrade their skills as part of the Quality of Life Program initiatives, according to the newspaper “Okaz”.

The first season of the league, which was fully funded by the Saudi Federation for Sports for All, will be held in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam, and will be reserved for women aged 17 years and over, as the tournament system will be based on groups in the first round and the knockout system in the second round on The final match during which the championship cup will be handed over is decided. A prize of 500,000 Saudi riyals was also allocated.The Saudi Sports Federation confirmed to all the readiness of football stadiums to start the tournament in October 2020, with the presence of fully female organizational and technical teams in order to manage the various committees.

Source: Sky News


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