The first pictures of Fayrouz’s meeting with the French president


وبدت Turquoise The 85-year-old is in a black robe, and I made sure to use a protective mask against infection with a virus Corona Novelty.

وبدأ Macron His visit to Beirut to meet with Fayrouz, one of the most famous singers in the Arab world, and her voice is considered a soundtrack to Lebanon from its height, through its struggles, and even its most recent shock.

Macron described Fairouz as “very beautiful and strong,” and said: “I spoke with her about everything that she represents for me, about the Lebanon we love and many of us are waiting for. About the longing that haunts us.”

When asked about his favorite song, Fayrouz replied that it was “to Beirut,” which was broadcast by local channels while they were showing pictures of the port explosion that occurred on the fourth of August.

Fairouz rarely speaks to the media, despite her songs being broadcast over the airwaves in the Arab world.

Macron’s visit to Beirut was overshadowed by the wave of anger from the Lebanese political elite as a result of the economic collapse and the massive explosion of the port, and this was reflected in his visit to the artist’s home.

Protesters appeared on live television broadcast outside Fayrouz’s home, carrying banners opposing the formation of a government with “killers”, and Macron warned “to stand on the wrong side of history.”

Macron met the protesters’ demands with a slight bow, and some shouted, “Adeeb, no,” referring to the designated Lebanese prime minister. Mustafa Adeeb Which Lebanese leaders nominated Monday under French pressure.


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