The famous New York clock begins its countdown … Does it foreshadow a natural disaster coming to us?


The Metronome digital watch has renewed its 15-segment numbers installed along the southern end of “Union Square” in the Manhattan district of New York City.

And US media revealed that the Metronome building administration decided to adopt a new environmental initiative instead of the clock, so that the time would be converted into a countdown timer that measures the remaining period to prevent the effects of global warming from getting worse and from becoming an irreversible reality.

The initiative launched by artists “Jean Golan” and “Andrew Boyd” last Saturday at exactly 3:20 pm, when messages began to appear on the screen saying “The Earth has a deadline.”

Then the numbers appeared – 7: 103: 15: 40: 07 – representing years, days, hours, minutes, and seconds up to that deadline.

By stepping back again and again, Golan says it is their way to express the danger of global warming, and that the planet Earth depends on them.

The climate clock will be displayed in the “Metronome” building at 14th Street in Union Square until September 27, when the Climate Week ends.

The two artists say they intend to display the watch permanently, either in the “Metronome” or elsewhere.

To follow the countdown, please click Here

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