The families of Corona victims in Wuhan are suing the authorities


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It seems that there is a conviction prevailing in Wuhan today that the city authorities concealed from people the truth of the Corona epidemic when it spread, which led to an increase in the number of injuries and deaths, so the families of the victims decided to sue these authorities.

Elaf from Beirut: Families of Coronavirus victims in China have decided to prosecute the local Wuhan authorities for neglecting their responsibilities towards those whose infection with the virus led to their deaths.

The French TV5 channel broadcast a report in which it reported the suffering of Chinese families due to Corona, their members complained about the failure of officials in Wuhan in the early response to the outbreak of this virus, and Zhong Hanning, who lost her son, said that the Chinese officials in the center of the first epidemic in the world stole the joy from Her life due to their negligence and failure to perform their duties towards the citizens.

Hanning miraculously survived Corona, and she cried her son, said: “With his death we lost everything, we will not be happy again today, and the decision to sue local officials in Wuhan is irreversible, as I will not lose more than I lost.

This is the case of dozens of other families in Wuhan, and the French channel quoted them unanimously on accusing the authorities in Wuhan of concealing the truth of the epidemic, lying to people and neglecting responsibilities, which resulted in a large number of victims.

Members of these families also told the French channel team that the authorities had repeatedly refused requests to file complaints that they had filed, and tried to restrict the lawyers who assist them in pleading with them in the local courts. “If I succeed in filing a case before justice, thousands of citizens who have lived through the same situation will follow me.” As said Zhang Hai, the son of the Corona victim.

Hay added, “What matters to me is the attempt. Even if I cannot prosecute the Wuhan authorities, I would have tried to uncover what the authorities are trying to hide from the people.”

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