The exchange rate of the dollar in Lebanon against the Lebanese pound today, Sunday 6/9/2020, in a state of extreme fluctuations


Perhaps in recent periods, the issue of citizens ’thought only concerned the price of the dollar in Lebanon, whether this price was in exchange companies or through the black market, as many people started continuous searches to reach the most accurate prices to find out whether the dollar price decreased or increased. However, some reliable sources have published some news on this subject, as the price of the dollar fell against the Lebanese pound, while the exchange rates of banks and exchanges remained unchanged.

Market exposure to exploitation

The parallel Lebanese exchange market was exposed to severe exploitation, as some took advantage of the scarcity of green currencies in the market to sell the US dollar at a price of 10,000 pounds, with an average of 2,000 more than the price of the black deal, and the commercial screen of the Banque du Liban shows the price of the dollar at 1507 pounds, which is a fixed price for strategic imports Such as fuel, wheat, and medicine. In its daily announcement, the foreign exchange office at the Central Bank of Lebanon set the exchange rate of the dollar by paying 3,800 pounds from outside Lebanon.

Dollar prices in Lebanon on the black market

1 (LBP) Lebanese Pound = 0.0007 (USD) U.S. Dollar

1 US dollar = 1,516.9200 Lebanese pounds

Details of Lebanese Pound to U.S. Dollar Exchange Rates

Current price0.0007
Purchasing price0.0007
selling price0.0007
Opening price0.0007

Rate first in the central bank

The Central Bank of Lebanon set the exchange rate of the dollar at 1507.5 pounds, and this price is valid only for importing fuel and wheat, after which the union announced that it would evaluate the Lebanese pound only against the US dollar, as the fluctuation range ranges between: buying at a low price 3850 and selling at a high price 3900, and there There are many conditions for selling the dollar at this price in a money exchange company, including the salary of the foreign worker, the cost of the university student outside Lebanon, the cost of housing and the student’s rent outside Lebanon, provided that the document indicating the right is provided.


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