The English Premier League shock Saudi Arabia about the sale of Newcastle


The Premier League has rejected the bid to acquire Newcastle Football Club submitted by the Saudi Public Investment Fund.In an official statement, Newcastle said: “The Premier League has rejected the club’s acquisition offer, submitted by the PCP Group, the Robin Brothers, and the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund, based on the test of the owners and managers.”

The statement added, “The result was reached despite the club’s presentation of many legal evidence and opinions, which confirm that the Public Investment Fund is an independent body from the Saudi government.”

The statement continued: “The club and its owners refuse to consider that Richard Masters, CEO of the Premier League, has acted properly regarding this issue and will study the options available to them.”

He concluded the statement by saying, “Mike Ashley (the owner of the club) understands the frustration of the fans and wants to reassure them that he was completely dedicated to ensuring the completion of the acquisition, as he feels it is in the club’s interest. Mike continues to be supportive of coach Steve Bruce and the players, and the technical staff, and wishes them the best. Next season. ”

The name Newcastle has recently been linked to the possibility of transferring its ownership to Saudi investors who want to buy shares of the English club from its current owner, Mike Ashley.


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