The earthquake, storms and ice age remain.


Beirut- New Life- Hala Salama- As if the sky of Beirut is on an open date with black smoke, and whoever cannot die in the fire will inevitably be a “victim of environmental pollution, whose diseases will appear among the Lebanese sooner or later.”

Underestimating the lives of people unparalleled in all countries of the world entails a dilution in revealing facts .. Forty days have passed since the explosion of the Beirut port with ammonium nitrate and its accessories until the Lebanese were surprised by a huge fire caused by frying oil and tires in a warehouse .. Is it an international port that takes into account international safety conditions To the ports and ports or to hell near the order of spoilers?

A state of terror and flight prevailed in the streets and adjacent areas of the port. Firefighting teams, civil defense and army helicopters rushed to the port in order to control the fire that did not stop until after 4 hours, while the source of the first flame that caused this huge fire was not clear.

A series of situations denounced what happened yesterday in the port after the explosion that he witnessed on the fourth of August, which killed hundreds and injured thousands of people, surprising that this happened at a time when the various security forces control the place and wondering why there are accumulated goods in the warehouses until today, fearing that the fire would have caused to hide Milestones of the crime of the port explosion, a new demand for the departure of the people of power and for an international investigation to be opened.

In this regard, Judge Ghassan Aouidat wrote the judicial requests to conduct the necessary investigations about the causes of the sudden fire in the Beirut port, while the Military Police in the Lebanese Army began to investigate the fire with a signal from the Military Public Prosecution.

And while President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, called the Supreme Defense Council to a meeting in the Republican Palace yesterday evening, he began by saying: The fire may be an intentional act of sabotage or the result of a technical error, negligence or ignorance, and in all cases the cause must be known and the perpetrators held accountable. It is acceptable for errors of any kind that lead to such a fire, especially after the disaster caused by the first fire.

While the International Red Cross announced that the fire in the port broke out in a warehouse where food rations were stored, a series of comments followed, as the head of the Phalanges Party, resigned MP Sami Gemayel, tweeted on his Twitter account, saying: “How can a new fire break out despite the presence of all the security services. And the judiciary at the Beirut Port crime scene? It is doubtful what is happening there in light of a system of negligence, corruption and stupidity by all standards. We demand the United Nations to put its hand on the investigations, especially after the fire today (Thursday).

Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri commented: “The port fire stirred the disaster of August 4, which requires a transparent investigation at the highest levels. Beirut suffocates in the smoke of negligence and the feeling of the absence of the state. There is no escape from specifying responsibilities, reconsidering safety measures and preventing repeated disasters.”

Meanwhile, a tweet by Walid Jumblatt, President of the Progressive Socialist Party, appeared on his page, saying: What a divine blessing … the ministry of wolves and advisors … an economic collapse, Corona, the port explosion, the destruction of Beirut and the fire of Hell today, through an unparalleled hot summer. Earthquake, storms, ice age, plague and locusts remain. The grace of the dead has no limits, and if you are thankful, I will increase you. ”


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