The digital infrastructure gives a mark of success to Saudi students in the face of the Corona crisis


          A platform for virtual classes and 23 TV channels serving 6 million students            </p><div itemprop="articleBody">
          <p>Closed and quiet classes in which no one can hear and see only a teacher or teacher in a state of distraction while explaining educational materials, accompanied by a sign language interpreter, within a constellation of teachers and technical cadres organized to educate more than 6 million students around Saudi Arabia.  These are the scenes of the educational "Ain" channels, which broadcast their lessons in light of the Corona pandemic to students.  It is a school that the Saudi Ministry of Education called the "Satellite Broadcasting School", which was fully equipped within 72 hours to serve public education students in these circumstances through more than 23 channels, social media, and the "Madrasati" platform.

The “distance” education plan includes two tracks, one via the Internet and the other via TV channels. The Ministry of Education was keen on continuing the educational process after its decision to suspend students’ attendance to schools and convert them to study remotely; For the sake of their safety and to prevent an outbreak of the disease; This demonstrated the power of the digital infrastructure.

The “Satellite Broadcasting School” contains 20 fully equipped studios, in which more than 160 lessons are filmed per day at a rate of 3200 lessons per month, 3 control rooms, 12 montage units, and 8 internal broadcast control units, and 270 people operate in addition to 200 general teachers and 60 A special education teacher.

The school day for high school and intermediate school students starts at nine in the morning, and the primary stage at three in the afternoon, starts with the national anthem, then sports exercises with the necessity for students to adhere to the school uniform. In order to prepare them for study and create a school atmosphere.

Students use “remotely” to complete the educational process two platforms, namely, the unified education system “my school”, which aims to link the student and his guardian with the teacher, provide access to the curricula, the academic schedule and dates for periodic exams, and allow direct contact with the teacher to answer any inquiry related to the study or For parents’ inquiries about their children’s school level.

Through the platform, the student can find all his courses in an electronic format, in addition to interactive scientific games that contribute to improving the educational level. A question bank is available for students at any time to measure their abilities and applications on smart phones to apply some lessons via augmented reality technology, as well as programming lessons. Dedicated to children to build them on application and website programming.


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