The clairvoyant snake chooses the winner of America’s elections … Trump or Badin?


Clairvoyants in Peru used incense, flowers and pictures of US President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, to establish inherited rituals to predict who will win the presidential elections in the United States on November 3, but the result was surprising.

The fortune tellers wore multi-colored clothes, sang songs, blew a traditional musical instrument, and prayed for (Pachamama), meaning Mother Earth, for the American elections to proceed in a peaceful atmosphere, without attacks or “black magic”, according to what “Reuters” reported.During the rituals, seers placed medicinal plants, fruits and a live snake on top of pictures of Trump and Biden.

Anna Maria Simeon, the clairvoyant teacher, said during the rituals held in the dimly lit room of an old building in central Lima that she was tending to Biden.

“This is why we cleanse him … We saw them attack him with magic, with a doll-shaped spell that they shade to dislodge,” said Anna, whose necklaces were hanging from her neck.But the chief clairvoyant, Pablo Torres, carrying a snake on his shoulder, did not share her opinion.

After he squirted a strange liquid from his mouth at a picture of Trump, Torres muttered “the positive energies of Mr. Donald Trump.”

“Why? Because he deserves, he needs positive energies and sincere feelings from his supporters … We support this honorable man. He will win. He is a winner.”

On Wednesday, a Reuters / Ipsos poll showed Biden was ahead of Trump among potential voters nationwide by 9 percentage points.

However, opinion polls showed a major failure during the last presidential elections, which took place in November 2016, as Trump beat his rival Hillary Clinton months after those polls favored the Democratic candidate.


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