The Banque du Liban disburses facilities worth $ 400 million to 29,000 individuals and institutions


Mubasher: The Financial Operations Directorate at the Central Bank of Lebanon issued a circular regarding the facilities that could be granted to banks and financial institutions.

The circular stated that the Banque du Liban granted banks and financial institutions exceptional loans worth nearly $ 400 million (18% of them against loans granted by banks in Lebanese pounds and 82% of them against loans granted by banks and financial institutions in US dollars).

The Banque du Liban added in its circular that the number of beneficiaries from the facilities reached nearly 29,000 individuals and institutions.

I disclose that the loans granted were distributed as follows:
Paying Due 74% Bonds
Pay 11% of salaries
Covering operating expenses 9%
Covering productive needs or operating capital 6%.

He stated that this measure comes in implementation of the Banque du Liban decision regarding facilities that can be granted to banks and financial institutions in American dollars in exchange for granting them to exceptional loans in Lebanese pounds or in American dollars at zero% interest to their customers who cannot pay their dues for the four months of March, April, May / May. And June / June or to cover the needs of their clients from institutions and companies by paying the salaries of their employees or covering their production and operational needs during the specified period.


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