Testing a model of a future aircraft carrying passengers in its wings (video and photos)


The Flying-V, which is designed to carry passengers in its wings, carried out its first successful flight test on a miniature model of the plane.

The aircraft’s unique design places the passenger compartment, cargo compartments and fuel tanks in the wings, a shape that experts believe will reduce fuel consumption by 20%.

A team of researchers tested a miniature model of the plane at a German air base in cooperation with a team from “Airbus”, to test take-off, maneuver and landing operations.

The assistant professor at the Faculty of Aeronautical Engineering at Delft University and the project leader said the researchers had concerns that the plane would encounter some difficulties upon takeoff.

During the experiment, the plane succeeded in taking off at a speed of 80 km / h, but some tests will be held in the future, to improve the ability of the plane.




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