Telescope takes the first image of “the structures of the sun”


The largest telescope in Europe has taken a stunning image of the sun that shows deep, previously unnoticed detail of the complex structures on its surface. The “GREGOR” telescope was able to monitor amazing details of the sun showing the development of sunspots and the complex designs of the solar plasma, some of which reach a width of about 30 miles spread over the surface of the sun.
This image is considered the highest resolution ever taken by the European telescope, which astronomers considered from optics as a new image capable of examining the magnetic fields, convection and solar explosions of the huge star, which is about 93 million miles away from the Earth, about 93 million miles (150 million km). Solar magnetic fields, which were captured at a wavelength of about 516 nanometers, and sunspots of 430 nanometers, can be observed. The scientists considered these pictures like seeing a “needle” on a soccer field from a distance of at least one kilometer.
The sun is covered with cell-like “structures”, each roughly the size of the state of Texas, and are the product of violent convection movements that transfer heat from the depths of the sun’s interior to its atmosphere. The hot plasma rises in each of these cells from its center before it cools and dives again in the star to form dark corridors that were detected by the telescope, which some likened to “popcorn.” According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.
Dr. said. Lucia Clint, who led the project and the German solar telescopes in the province of Tenerife: “In just one year we completely redesigned the optics, mechanics and electronics to achieve the best possible image quality.”
The doctor and her team made great progress last March, while banning the Corona virus, which allowed them to get a closer look at the sun and great research results. According to the Russian “Sputnik”.

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