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Schenker: Washington supports Paris as long as its initiative will produce a government without the party
Pompeo: The “party” is the Iranian proxy and the dominant political actor

News: While the French initiative was reeling from the impact of internal balances, Washington targeted it through its Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo, who attacked the French president in terms of his meeting with a “senior Hezbollah official”. Did Pompeo shoot the bullet of mercy? An urgent question in light of what is reported about Mustafa Adeeb’s apology for not forming the government.

Between the American pressure and the internal balances, the French initiative is faltering, awaiting a breach of what modifies its course, or push it to the abyss. The road to forming the government until yesterday evening was still riddled with pitfalls, despite the imposition of a de-facto government, the Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Adeeb was braking. And waiting for the session of consultations launched by the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, with the parliamentary blocs to form a government of “missions”, according to the road map drawn up by French President Emmanuel Macron.

The data indicated that the contract that the government opposes is still the same, especially in terms of Adib’s insistence on not communicating with the blocs that named him, and I blamed him for not consulting with them in the formation file and his insistence on distributing bags and imposing names, which is what the Hizbullah and Amal movement saw as a coup Politically. Adeeb clearly informed the President of the Republic of his refusal to communicate with the parliamentary blocs.

In the two meetings, which Aoun brought together with each of the head of the “Al-Wafaa Al-Qasimah” bloc, MP Muhammad Raad, and the political assistant to the Speaker of Parliament, Representative Ali Hassan Khalil, the two parties renewed a previous letter rejecting “the attempt of some, specifically former Prime Minister Saad Hariri, to form It is a government alone, or in coordination with former prime ministers, this is a dangerous matter, ”and that“ Hizbullah and the Amal Movement will not accept relinquishing the Ministry of Finance, nor will they accept the override of a basic component. ” Raad and Khalil emphasized that “the other parties are free to choose whether or not to participate, but we did not accept the exclusion of the Shiite community from the political process or for any minister to be named the Shiites without consulting with us, and any such government means going to a problem in the country.”

AndSources close to Adeeb told Al-Akhbar that he “will apologize for not accepting the assignment if an understanding is not reached, and that he may apologize tomorrow (today)., Because he does not want a political clash with the binary of Hezbollah and the Amal movement through imposing a de-facto government, nor with Prime Minister Hariri and former prime ministers by submitting to the two. Although political sources familiar with the assignment line denied the above, confirming that “the issue was not raised either from near or from afar”, yesterday additional data emerged indicating that The French initiative is reeling under American conditions and strikes On the one hand, the French mismanaged the initiative.

French sources, who conducted a “count of the accounts” of the initiatives of the past two weeks, acknowledge that Paris has sunk in the Lebanese mud. On the one hand, it is besieged by an American condition demanding the exclusion of Hezbollah from the government. This is what was expressed by Assistant US Secretary of State David Schenker on his recent visit to Beirut, when he told a number of those he met that it was understood that Washington supported Paris as long as its initiative would produce a government without the party.

On the other hand, The French initiative suffered from a fundamental flaw represented by the multiplicity of cooks: the embassy in Beirut, the foreign ministry, the foreign intelligence service, and the Elysee. Each of these departments has “sources” that provide it with “information” and estimates… In addition to the lists of candidates for minister, their CVs were collected in Beirut and sent to the French capital for verification!

AndAccording to the French sources, one of the mistakes committed was in the easing of leaving the matter of composition in the hands of the trio of Saad Hariri, Fouad Siniora and Najib Mikati. The first one ended up “depressed” at home; The second is protesting against the participation of the “Future” parliamentary bloc, represented by Representative Samir Al-Jisr, in the consultations that Aoun called, because this step is a recognition of the President’s “right” to the prime minister’s participation in writing; As for the third, he ended up washing his hands from his former office manager, Adib, accusing Hariri alone of running the authorization negotiations (here, French sources confirm that Azmi Taha Mikati, the nephew of the former prime minister, plays a key coordinating role with the French).

A second mistake recorded by the French sources, intersecting with Lebanese sources, in terms of dealing lightly with the Lebanese reality, and believing that Macron throwing his political weight will easily succeed in his initiative. For example, the problem today goes beyond the issue of the finance portfolio to the rest of the ministers and portfolios, up to the ministerial statement. Faced with this reality, France and some Arab countries, along with the United States, have no other option but to intimidate disturbances that will begin in Lebanon as soon as the French initiative is declared toppled, and “the Shiite duo will be held responsible for obstruction.”

Paris, Washington, and Arab capitals are brandishing unrest in Lebanon if Macron’s initiative fails

The dominating negativity was fueled by the American position that, starting from the day before yesterday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, when he fired “direct fire” at Macron’s initiative, criticizing the French president’s meeting with a senior official in Hezbollah. Pompeo said that “Hezbollah, the Iranian proxy, has been the dominant political actor for nearly three decades, and today in Beirut corruption is widespread and the financial and political system is disrupted,” expressing his regret that “France refuses to classify all of Hezbollah as a terrorist organization, as countries have done. Another European, and restricted the progress of the European Union in this measure ».

In an article he wrote in the French newspaper “Le Figaro”, Pompeo argued that “instead, Paris maintains the illusion of the existence of a political wing that favors God, despite the control of one terrorist, Hassan Nasrallah.” He stated that “on August 14, France, along with the United Kingdom and Germany, failed to support the United States’ decision to renew the arms embargo (on Iran) in the Security Council, ”wondering:“ How can France vote to abolish the arms embargo, and then meet President Macron With a senior official in HZB God in Beirut in the following week »? Pompeo had warned France that its efforts to resolve the crisis in Lebanon could be in vain “if the issue of arming the Lebanese Hezbollah group, which is backed by Iran, is not dealt with immediately.”

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