Tamer Hosni dances to “bold font” in a restaurant with the workers … Video


The star Tamer Hosni always participates in his audience in public places by taking pictures and memorial videos, and in a new video clip he appeared in which he danced to the melodies of the Emirati star Hussein Al Jasmi’s song “Bold Font”, inside a restaurant with the workers.

Hosni appeared in the video clip circulating on the social media platforms, at the beginning, taking memorial photos, and soon the piece “I met the students” began until Hosni began dancing with the staff of workers inside the restaurant.

On the other hand, the star Tamer Hosni settled on “Khalik Foulady” as the name of his new album, which is scheduled to be released during the coming period, as it is scheduled to include 12 songs, as he is currently studying reducing the number of songs to 10 songs, a variety of music, between drama, romance, etc.

In the same context, Tamer Hosni recently finished filming propaganda posters for the album, which includes a number of poets, composers and distributors with whom Tamer cooperated in the recent period, including Tamer Ali, Aziz Al Shafei and others.



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