Talal Mardini settles the controversy over the fact of his dispute with Basem Yakhour


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Talal Mardini resolves the controversy over the fact of his dispute with Basem Yakhour, today, Saturday 5 September 2020, 10:34 pm

The Syrian artist and writer Talal Mardini appeared in a short interview on the screen of the art site, to talk about his latest artistic news, revealing that what is going on about his differences with the artist Basem Yakhour are unfounded rumors. These rumors had spread after Mardini arrived as a guest on the program “She Rested On Us” with the journalist Hisham Haddad. Mardini confirmed that the matter was a joke that Yakhour would accept with every open heart, noting that the relationship between them is very good, as he is like a companion and an older brother, and that love and compassion are great between them.

No disagreements with Jenny Esper

On the other hand, Mardini revealed that what is reported about his disagreement with actress Jenny Esper is also just rumors that came out after she appeared in the program “We Ate It” last year, and described Mardini as “Nsongi”. Mardini explained that Esper was joking and did not mean any insult, and that they had friendship and good relations, noting that she made it clear that she was kidding, but the media turned to the first incident only.

Ramadan market drama

Artist Talal Mardini talked about the holy month of Ramadan as a marketplace for drama, by virtue of people meeting at home and watching series for entertainment, which contributes to raising viewership rates. He believed that the series, which can attract attention outside the dramatic season, is definitely a highly professional series, because people seek it on their own, unlike what happens in Ramadan. Regarding the preference of the Syrian actor over the Lebanese, being the first academic, Mardini believes that the academics are present in several countries, not only Syria, there are academics in Egypt and Lebanon as well.

Talal Mardini .. who is he?

Talal Mardini: Syrian actor and author, born in Damascus, graduated from the Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences – Department of History at the University of Damascus, the beginning of his artistic career was in 2005, by participating in two series (Skywalk, The Goat’s Century), after which his works followed, the most prominent of which are (Rijal Al-Ezz), which he also authored, and the series (Next) in 2013. On the other hand, it is reported that the artist Khaled Haidar, along with the artist Talal Mardini, participated in the series “Fat I Play” written by Talal Mardini and directed by Mustafa Al-Barqawi. Also in the three-part “School Days” series, written by Talal Mardini.

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