Symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency from your experiences


Symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency

Symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency

Symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency

May be useful knowledge Symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency from your experiences Many women who find themselves suffering from problems they do not know the cause, and together we will learn about these symptoms.

What is Vitamin B12

  • Vitamin B12 is among the vitamins that are soluble in water.
  • There are many sources from which we can get vitamin B12, from what is natural, such as all kinds of meat from animal meats, or fish meat.
  • Eggs are a rich source of this vitamin, as are yogurt and products made from it.
  • In addition, we can get it in the form of medicinal compounds sold in pharmacies, but it should not be taken without consulting a doctor.

The importance of vitamin B12 in the body

Before we eat Symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency from your experiences We have to know the importance of this vitamin in the body:

  • The importance of vitamin B12 is that it is mainly involved in the formation of red blood cells in the bodies of living organisms.
  • Eating it from its various food sources helps to improve memory, and thus increases the ability to comprehend, academic achievement, and mental functions.
  • Its importance also appears in maintaining healthy and supple skin, as well as reducing wrinkles and expressive signs that appear on it as a result of aging.
  • Because of its important role in preserving the health of the hair, we find that many of the preparations used to improve the condition of hair contain it, it reduces its loss, and increases its shine and health.
  • One of the most important roles of vitamin B12 is that it strengthens the body’s immunity greatly, so we find the body in an excellent state of health, and it is rarely affected by bacterial or viral infections and overcomes them effectively. And
  • The effectiveness of this vitamin extends to find that it works as an anti-inflammatory marker that may affect the body as a result of any infection.
  • It strengthens the bones, and for this it is advised to be careful to take it at an old age, as it is common to suffer from osteoporosis.

Symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency from your experiences

After we learned about the importance of vitamin B12 to the body in general, let’s get to know the symptoms that may appear on people who are deficient in this vitamin through the site Citizen, It is as follows:

  • The appearance of the skin with a pale and dull appearance, as if the person suffers from malnutrition, and this is due to the fact that vitamin B12 helps in the manufacture of red blood cells, and thus its deficiency leads to the problem of anemia.
  • This is in addition to the person’s lack of a healthy, fresh skin appearance, due to the absence of this vitamin.
  • The appearance of dark circles under the eyes due to suffering from stress, and anemia.
  • We find that a person who suffers from a deficiency of vitamin B12 appears tired and exhausted easily and when he exerts the least effort, his body does not bear any hardship even if it is slight, and this is remarkable.
  • He may complain about his suffering from numbness in his limbs, especially in the arms, and this is due to the fact that the vitamin deficiency affects the condition of the nerves in the body, and makes them damaged.
  • Since vitamin B12 is included in the synthesis of a certain substance that envelops the nerves in the body from the outside, which in turn helps to transmit the nerve flow through the nerves, and for this its deficiency affects the nerves.
  • The way a person walks and moves may change due to the effect that we have already mentioned on the nerves, so we find him walking as if he suffers from a problem in his foot, and he cannot use his hands for a long time.
  • The problem of depression and suffering from sudden mood changes appears due to the effect of deficiency of this vitamin, and its effect on basic substances responsible for the mood of individuals.
  • Also, infections often occur in the body, especially the mouth and tongue area, and ulcers appear continuously, and this is due to a significant lack of body immunity.
  • We may find a person suffers from trouble breathing, and takes himself with difficulty, in addition to dizziness, without apparent reasons.
  • The body temperature increases for no apparent reasons, and this is also due to the absence of vitamin B12’s role as an anti-inflammatory that occurs in the body.
  • Suffering from reduced reproductive capacity in individuals who are deficient in this vitamin.
  • Children are greatly affected by the deficiency of this vitamin as it causes them to have vision problems, as well as general weakness that may negatively affect their normal growth in the long term.

Treating vitamin B12 deficiency

  • The treatment of deficiency of this vitamin does not require only making sure to obtain this vitamin in our food from its main sources, as we mentioned earlier.
  • And the doctor can prescribe some nutritional supplements that contain this vitamin to be taken to ensure that the body’s needs are met.

Different experiences of women with vitamin B12 deficiency

Knowing the experiences that others go through is useful in providing us with experience, and increasing our knowledge of the importance of the role of this vitamin in building the body, and among others’ experiences include the following:

  • A woman says that she was constantly suffering from unexplained fatigue, and upon consulting the doctor, he asked her to do an analysis to find out the level of vitamin B12, and he found it low, and he wrote some medicines to her, and the problem resolved.
  • Another woman said that during her second pregnancy, she encountered a problem that she did not encounter in her first pregnancy, which is her suffering from pain in her left foot, and when she visited the doctor, he wrote her injections containing vitamin B12.
  • And when she did not take it, the pain became more and more intense to the point where she was unable to move her foot, so she kept on eating the foods that contained it with the injection.

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