Suarez responds to Messi’s comment after his departure from Barcelona … know what he said – the athlete – international stadiums


Although Luis Suarez set aside yesterday to undergo a medical examination with his new club Atletico Madrid, he took the time to respond to his friend and former Barcelona teammate Lionel Messi’s “emotional” post on “Instagram”.

Messi had opened fire on the management of his Barcelona team, against the background of the way his colleague and friend Luis Suarez left the “Camp Nou” to Atletico Madrid, during his influential farewell to Suarez.

Messi wrote on his Instagram account on Friday: “You deserve to leave as you are: one of the most important players in the history of the club, winning titles as a member of the team and individually,” accompanying his words with pictures of him with the 33-year-old Uruguayan striker.

And the Argentine “Barghout” added: “They should not have expelled you as they did, but the truth (their actions) no longer surprised me.”

Suarez’s response was only a few hours late, commenting on Messi’s post by saying: “Thank you, my friend, for your words, and thank you for being what you are, for what you have been since the first day with me and my family.”

He added, “I will always be grateful to the human Messi – funny and emotional – because everyone knows Messi as the player.”

He continued: “Do not forget what I told you: continue to enjoy what you do and prove that you are number one, and do not let two, three or four people distort the giant that you represent for the club and the world of football.”

Suarez concluded by saying: “I love you very much, my friend, and we will miss you,” Messi, his wife and their three children.

It is noteworthy that Suarez has had an amazing activity over the six years he spent at the “Camp Nou”, where he played 283 matches with Barcelona, ​​during which he scored 198 goals and made 109 goals. Many argue that the Catalan club has overdone him in an inappropriate way.

In his career with Barcelona, ​​who joined him in 2014, a strong friendship arose between Suarez and Messi, and a terrifying example of Europe, and in some periods a dangerous triple in the presence of Neymar, who left for Paris Saint-Germain in 2017.



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