Strata expands its global activities by relying on the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution – the economic – the local market


Strata Manufacturing, the company specializing in the manufacture of airframe parts from advanced composite materials and wholly owned by Mubadala Investment Company (Mubadala), has confirmed its adoption of the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to enhance its industrial capabilities, diversify its product portfolio and enter new industrial areas.

During his participation in the Global Aviation Industry Summit, Ismail Ali Abdullah, CEO of Strata, which is based in Al Ain, shed light on Strata’s strategy for digital transformation, which includes investment in research, development and advanced technologies, in addition to building an integrated network of partnerships with universities. Domestic technology companies and global aircraft manufacturers.

During his participation in the discussion sessions hosted by the Global Aviation Industry Summit, Abdullah reviewed the tools that will contribute to shaping digital transformation in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, including robotics and automation. And 3D printing techniques; Data analysis, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology and digital ergonomics; ICT solutions, such as the Internet of Things, cloud-based operations, and data storage; As well as other important technologies such as advanced material manufacturing.

Strata has adopted an ambitious strategy to employ smart manufacturing and 3D printing technologies, including robotics and automatic assembly of airframes, non-destructive examination of airframe parts using thermal imaging, and processing and assembly of airframe parts made of composite materials.

Abdullah stressed that this investment in advanced technology and the employment of the techniques of the Fourth Industrial Revolution led to enhancing employee productivity and improving manufacturing processes.

Abdullah said, “The employment of the Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies in industrial facilities has become an urgent necessity for development and growth. Investment in research and development, building industrial design capabilities and developing innovative methods of innovative manufacturing is gaining great importance. Companies operating in the aviation industry must cooperate with their corporate partners.” Technology to enhance its competitive position and improve its flexibility and ability to adapt to the radical changes in the industrial sector.

During the first 10 years of its launch, Strata has developed its local capabilities in manufacturing airframe parts from advanced composite materials, cementing its position as a leader in the global aviation industry and global supply chains for this sector.

Commenting on the company’s future plans, Abdullah said: “Strata is an example to be followed in the successful employment of the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, as it plays a pivotal role in the development of the national aviation industry. The company recognizes the importance of maintaining its leadership position to ensure its ability to compete on Global level in the industrial and aerospace sectors. ”

Abdullah added: “Technological developments have had a great impact on the industrial sector during the past decade. There is no doubt that employing these technologies in the industrial sector has great benefits in the supply chain and industrial processes. Across various sectors, including the aviation industry, to provide greater levels of integration between various industrial sectors along value-added chains, especially in light of the convergence between the digital and physical worlds.We will also witness a major development in the areas of data sharing, which will affect decision-making processes in a large way “This will all contribute to enhancing efficiency in the areas of product handling, workflow management and cost reduction.”

On the other hand, Abdullah indicated that Strata’s advanced manufacturing capabilities allowed it to easily enter new fields and contribute to meeting the exceptional demand for personal protective equipment during the Corona epidemic crisis.

He said: “Strata has identified an opportunity through which we can employ our industrial capabilities to help frontline workers in the health care sector and support the efforts of the UAE and the world in combating the Corona epidemic.”

Strata collaborated with Honeywell, a long-term partner of Mubadala, and succeeded in developing the first production line for N95 masks in the Gulf region, within just 30 days of the start of discussions in this regard. To date, Strata has manufactured more than 1 million units of masks to help meet the demand for personal protective equipment in the UAE. It also began exporting these masks to overseas markets, including the United Kingdom and Japan.



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