“Stone” … a Sudanese woman who raided the Lebanese women and came to Egypt, and Adel Imam asked for her by name


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The Sudanese actress passed away this morning, after a health crisis that she faced, and as a result, she entered intensive care.

Stone, who moved to Cairo because of the jealousy of the stars, especially from Lebanon, and to fulfill her dream of fame, says in televised statements to her: “I came to Egypt because of jealousy, because since my childhood I have found artists from Lebanon and the Gulf who come to Egypt and spread, and make a name for them, so I said we are Sudanese. The first of this, and previously Egypt and Sudan were one country, so I went to my mother and told her that I would represent, dance and sing, and I would go to Egypt, and indeed I came to Egypt.

She talks about her start in Sudan, saying, in a previous interview published by “Sputnik”: “I started singing since my childhood in one of the Khartoum schools in Sudan, and I was also a broadcaster in school, and they used to call the radio girl, and if I did not work in singing, I would certainly be I’m going to work as an anchor.

She continues: “Ambition was the biggest motivation to come to Cairo, because since I was young, I used to see artists from different countries of the world through Egyptian television, and when I saw Lebanese, Syrian, Iraqi, Saudi and other artists, they were able to create for themselves names and stardom I used to lament the lack of Sudanese among them, especially since we are The closest to the Egyptian people, our sentiments, and a place, and I used to say to myself, “Be warm to us, while we were children in the Al-Dim area in Number 3 by extension. We lived with our Egyptian brothers and they lived among us as if they were Sudanese.”

About the beginning of its launch, she says: “My real launch was from the festivals of the American University in Cairo and through Ain Shams University, and the festivals of the British Center. The attendees were astonished when they knew that what I sing was Sudanese art, and they used to tell me this is a surprise for Lina, and many of them thought I was from Nuba “When they come to get to know me, I say to them, no, I am Sudanese.”

About the movie “Saidi at the American University”, with Muhammad Huneidi, she says: “I met him in a play in the hangars, and I sang a chocolate song with him, and then they asked me in a movie with Adel Imam and I did not believe this, and in the end they swore that Adel Imam asked me by name, and indeed I participated with him. In the movie “Hello America”.

Stone reveals in her previous statements: “The artist Adel Imam participated in two cinematic works, The Prince of Darkness and Hello America, and I played a heroic role with the leader in the two films, where I played a black American woman in the movie Hello America, and Adel Imam represented the Arab side that comes to America for Associating and marrying me ».

And she continues: “The first work I did in the media was with the great artist Samir Ghanem Fawazeer Aris around the world, and Fawazeer Mnasthanash with the star Nadine, after which I did a number of theatrical works with the director Intisar Abdel Fattah.”

About her work in the field of henna concerts for the bride, she says she invented a musical instrument similar to the douche, and because she travels abroad a lot, pottery happens to him in fractures, so she went to the sculptor and asked him to make an instrument similar to it, but from a frame and keys to make a musical rhythm that is used in concerts.

She adds: “In Egypt, I made Sudanese Egyptian folklore, when we have a henna night, and I use henna with a mixture, it has a mahlabiah, and it is a perfume made in Sudan, specifically for henna, and mixes are also placed and they mix together, as I put my own accessories designs, even in my clothes. Where I design the shape and go to the sewing to do it. ‘

And she continued: “I bring the Egyptian groom and wear him Sudanese and Saidi clothes, and the like, and abroad I travel international festivals, and after I finish the singing, I find the festival management preparing individuals to make henna and tattoo for them.”

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