Sterilization … may not prevent our infection with corona, but it makes us feel comfortable


Since the beginning of the Corona pandemic and its spread in various countries of the world, people have become obsessed with sterilizing and disinfecting everything they touch, believing that this matter suffices for them the evil of “Covid-19”.

The scientific reports initially warned that the “coronavirus” was transmitted from contaminated surfaces, which requires a kind of caution with everything that a person touches in his daily life.

Then, the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that the Corona virus, which causes the Covid-19 epidemic, is transmitted mainly from person to person through extremely small particles in the air.

However, experts continue to emphasize the need to continue to disinfect surfaces and handles, considering that this process protects “partially” from infection.

In this regard, the American “Washington Post” newspaper quoted Emmanuel Goldman, professor of microbiology at the College of Medicine in Newark, New Jersey, as saying that “surfaces are not the main problem.”

“Excessive sterilization of surfaces turns into an obsession and gives people a false sense of safety and psychological comfort,” he said.

Goldman stressed that “what should really be done is focus on the main ways of transmitting Corona, that is, breathing,” adding, “People should focus more on wearing masks, maintaining a safety distance, and avoiding closed places.”

Emmanuel stated that the sterilization must remain “within the limits of reason and not become an obsession”.

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