“Stay with the cheap, I am dear to you.” … “Watch” Saudi Arabia, the queen of Kabuli, is being betrayed by her Kuwaiti husband!


Raised Beauty expert Saudi Queen of Cable Widespread controversy, in social networking sites because of its vague messages on “Snapchat” about betrayal.

Malakah Kabuli published a video clip on “Snapchat” monitored by “Watan”, while she was driving and singing with Diana Haddad: “And if they go short, your love is after Mifid.”

The Queen of Kabuli also published a picture on which it was written: “It is okay if you failed me, because I failed myself by your choice.” She commented on another picture saying: “I wish I had not told anyone about you so that the disappointment between me and you would remain.”

In another picture, she wrote: “Stay with the cheap .. I am dear to you.”

The hashtag #His_Kable_Cable was issued the Saudi trend after activists explained that she had been betrayed by her husband, a Kuwaiti businessman. Ahmed Al Salem.

Followers denounced Kabuli’s exposure to betrayal, especially as she is beautiful and a full house lady, according to their expression, and some went further, attacking her Kuwaiti husband through his account with insulting messages.

The queen of Kabuli had appeared a few months ago with her husband on the mbc channel on the “Good Morning Arab” program, and they talked about their marital life and what they love in each other.

It is worth noting that the queen of Kabuli was associated with Kuwaiti Ahmed Al-Salem, and they have one child named Qamar, and the couple always raises controversy by sharing the details of their lives to the point of publishing pictures of the delivery room during the delivery of her newborn baby and reviewing the hospital and its exaggerated processing for them.

Queen Kabuli also published details of an evening, especially when her husband celebrated her after her birth, gave her a luxurious limousine and decorated the house with 500 roses for every day he spent with her after marriage, and later gave her an iPhone 11 made of 24 karat gold.

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