Specifications and prices of the new iPhone 12 iPhone – in the list


Many of the enthusiasts to buy electronics from the well-known American company Apple are wondering about the specifications and prices of the modern iPhone 12, as Apple held a press conference in which it promoted the features of this new iPhone 12 phone.

The iPhone 12 is one of the new phones launched by Apple, in response to the need of large numbers of people around the world for the company’s products and their love for them.

IPhone 12 features

Apple is always keen to provide modern versions that suit everyone, and on this came the manufacture of the iPhone 12 with a glass-proof screen against dust and water, and what distinguishes the iPhone 12 screen is also that its size is 6.4 inches, and it works with a resolution of 1242 * 2688 pixels, and it was manufactured from Super Retina material OlED, and the outer frame of the phone is made of aluminum.

IPhone 12 specifications

One of the characteristics that distinguish the iPhone 12

  • It has an A14 Bionic processor manufactured from 7 nm, and this processor is six core.
  • It includes an Apple Gpu, developed and improved processing unit
  • The iphone 12 is powered on One of the modern operating systems that the company has produced is the Ios14 system
  • IPhone 12 size is 9 * 19.5.
  • Its screen is gradient in colors.

IPhone 12 price

As we mentioned earlier that many people are looking at this period for the specifications and prices of the iPhone 12, so now we will get to know together about IPhone price 12, the American company Apple, responsible for the production of the iPhone group, has released three phones belonging to the iPhone, the difference between these phones is the price, the size of memory, and the storage space, and these are detailed prices for the newly launched iPhone 12:

  • IPhone 12, price is 1100 US dollars, 128 GB of storage, 4 GB of memory.
  • IPhone 12 is priced at $ 1,250, storage space is 256 GB, and its memory is 4 GB.
  • IPhone 12 is priced at $ 1450, storage space of 512 GB, memory 4 GB.


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