Spark achieves the global silver standard in energy leadership and environmental design


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King Salman Energy Park (SPARK) has obtained LEED silver level certification in energy leadership and environmental design, as the first industrial city in the world to obtain the “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design” program, which is an internationally recognized system for issuing green building certificates and verifying Facility design; According to environmental standards and main sustainability measures, which include: energy saving, water efficiency, reducing carbon dioxide emissions, improving the quality of the internal environment, supervising resources and effectively dealing with their impacts.

This accreditation is an affirmation of integrated sustainability practices, as they are at the core of community planning for Spark’s business. This certification strengthens Spark’s ability to support tenants and future investors on their journey towards adopting leadership in energy and environmental design for their facilities, as part of an integrated energy community.

Commenting on “Spark” obtaining this certification, Eng. Saif Al-Qahtani, President and CEO of King Salman Energy City (SPARK), said: “(SPARK) distinguishes itself as a leading global center in the field of energy, industry and technology, which strengthens the Kingdom’s position in international markets. As an innovator in these areas, this certification reaffirms our commitment to reducing the city’s carbon emissions, as LEED-certified facilities witness high global demand; Because it provides better profitability, productivity and quality in the workplace. Our goal is to create an ecosystem for energy companies with the least environmental impact, and we encourage other industrial cities to follow the same approach. ”

The King Salman Energy City (SPARK), strategically located in the heart of the Eastern Province, is set to be the main gateway to the regional energy sector, and its technically advanced ecosystem provides investors with unparalleled supply chain efficiency and is designed to provide an ultra-modern delivery infrastructure. And running.

In addition to targeting large companies, Spark also provides services to small and medium businesses, as well as providing support through the “Spark” Center for Small and Medium Enterprises. This allows for simplified and cost-effective operations close to major workforce providers and close to highway networks. , And railroads.

Also, Spark is expected to host more than 300 industrial, technical and service facilities focused on meeting the demand for energy goods and services across the entire value chain.

LEED certification is an essential step to ensure that environmentally sensitive technologies are consistently applied in Spark’s building, across industrial, commercial and residential facilities, and is part of Spark’s vision to be a testing ground for green tools and technologies designed to reduce the impact of activities within the city, the most successful of which will be Serves as a blueprint for the oil and gas industry as well as for companies and homes across the Kingdom.

It is worth noting that King Salman Energy Park (SPARK) is an integrated industrial city under development, extending over an area of ​​50 square kilometers in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and is being developed with a vision to become the leading gateway for the regional energy sector, providing an integrated set of services to support business growth In the kingdom.

“Spark” provides a world-class infrastructure for global investors in the crude oil and gas industry, refining, petrochemical industries, electric power, water production and treatment. Spark will consist of five focus areas: exploration and production, refining, processing and marketing, petrochemicals, conventional energy, water and wastewater. Healthy.

This plan is to be implemented in three phases, as (SPARK) has completed 60% of its first phase, which consists of infrastructure, roads, facilities, and real estate assets, which were established on an area of ​​14 square kilometers and is scheduled to be completed in 2021. Allocation of a dry port and a three square kilometer logistics area.

The city has attracted a large number of tenants and investors, surpassing the initial plan for the supply of land and facilities by more than 15%, with the acceleration of the pace of its future developments.


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