Shooting at the house of the Mufti of the West Bekaa … Has Lebanon entered a stage of danger?


In recent times, the results of uncontrolled weapons have been reflected, as Lebanon is witnessing various manifestations of nightly, family and political battles that herald the return of security breakdown, as if “there is no control or censorship.” In this context, the Mufti of the Western Bekaa, Sheikh Muhammad al-Masri, was subjected to an assassination attempt on Saturday night while he was inside his home in the Bekaa, as a car passed inside it by unidentified persons who fired intensively and indiscriminately the al-Masry’s house, and then fled.

Subsequently, the Mufti of the Western Bekaa raised the cry, setting what happened with the drawing of the security forces and all concerned.

He pointed out the seriousness of these attacks that affect the sanctity of homes, as well as endanger the lives of citizens. Al-Masry asked about the role of the security services in these cases, especially in the event of such attacks and crimes in the Bekaa, “considering that” security in Lebanon has become discretionary and selective. ”

The sheikh condemned the incident, warning of its seriousness and its repercussions in the event that the security services did not play their role properly in protecting it and the citizens, especially the people of his region.

And accordingly, has Lebanon entered the stage of danger due to the shaking of its security stability? At times, groups roam the streets and between homes, fabricating battles, opening fronts and throwing bullets at property and people, and at times shooting at passers-by in the streets, in their homes and everywhere, as the extent of the disruption is almost unbelievable. So much so, that it seems through the circulating videos that it is easy for the attackers to shoot as if for them it is just a “virtual war game”!


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